Healthcare Industry

In healthcare the bottom line is the patient. Automation Anywhere positively affects patients’ lives by helping provide faster, better, and more accurate delivery of information resulting in better service and often better care.

Why consider Automation in Healthcare?

Ever-increasing regulations and costs make business processes in this industry complex, time-consuming, and error prone.

No single technological platform for the several disparate systems in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, health care insurance companies, physicians and research organizations.

This forces healthcare organizations to increase their efficiencies within their own processes.

Diverse and complicated IT environments.

Multiple applications, file formats and systems.

Extensive usage of aging legacy applications.

What can you do with Automation Anywhere?

Acquire and transfer large amounts of secure and time-sensitive data on a daily basis.

Automate data transfer, acquiring real time information from the Web or any other application.

Automate manual, time consuming tasks like billing, form-filling, processing invoices, and posting payments.

Update license validity information from various sources.

Process laboratory results for analysis.

Automate report generation on legacy applications.

Import/export/update patient information in EMR systems.

Test and validate your proprietary software.

And so much more……


The Automation Anywhere Advantage

Immediate ROI

In many cases customers see ROI in days, rather than having to wait weeks or months to realize the returns.

Segmented implementation

It is not ‘all or nothing’ solution.
You can start implementing in specific groups and once you see the returns, deploy it to other groups or company wide.

Complete solution

Use our expert services team to automate processes, streamline execution and maximize ROI.

Our experience and best practices dramatically reduce implementation time and increase returns.

Our experts provide hands-on training and knowledge transfer.

We offer both onsite and offsite implementation.

Estimated saving of $15M in Healthcare and over $1B savings overall.

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Customer Case Study: Siemens Healthcare

Siemens Healthcare could leverage Automation Anywhere to use their QPCR instruments and MxPro analysis software to the fullest, allowing for more accurate, cost, time and resource effective genetic analysis.

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